Movie Folder Manager is a freeware application that allows you to automatically rename and create folders from your disorganized movie files in seconds.
It can be used as a service or you can just run it once in the folders you want.

– MFM let you choose the folder(s) you want to organize
– MFM will extract the name of the movie from your files
– MFM will rename all your files in seconds
– MFM will create folders based on the name of your files
– MFM will put files from the same movie in the same folder (ex. Disk 1 & 2, subtitles, covers, info)
– MFM will set the mask you choose for multiple filemovies (ex. Part 1 & Part 2)
– MFM will set optionally the mask you choose for date – if find in filemovie (ex. (2010) )
– MFM create a cache with all the changes
– MFM might run once or as a service to monitorize the folders selected

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