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Kodi – PVR IPTV Simple with programme icon in channels list

24, Janeiro, 2018 Nenhum comentário

Kodi by default dont give the icon from programme in channels list. So, it’s not perfect but a simple workaround do the ugly job. This example use a 600×372 image.

First of all, install Skin Helper Service from kodi repository.
Then set two triggers on epg file Kodi\userdata\Database\Epg11.db:

With this, the sIconPath field will be copy to sPlotOutline field. This field isn’t used in IPTV Simple Addon but Kodi sends the var to skin in channels list.

Now we need to show the image in kodi skin. In this example we will use the defaut skin from Kodi 17 – Estuary.
Add the control image before the plot with the PlotOutline field:

Change the plot position to bottom of image:

Now the result:



Setup Samba/Windows Shares on XBMC Live

3, Janeiro, 2014 Nenhum comentário

It’s relatively easy to setup samba shares on XBMC Live, but it does require bashing out some commands on the shell. First, you’ll need to install samba using apt-get:

Then, you’ll want to configure your shares by editing the the file named smb.conf, placed in the /etc/samba/ directory. For example, I added the user folder and media folders to be available shares by running the following command:

Update: It looks like this has changed in the more recent versions of Ubuntu that the XBMC Live distribution is packaged with (10.04). You can restart the samba service using the old method:

Scroll down all the way to the bottom of the file, then paste in the following (use right click in Putty to paste something from your clipboard):

After that, restart the samba server using:

Note: I updated the samba configuration above to include the ‘force user’ and ‘inherit permissions’ features as I was having trouble with newly created files not getting the right permissions and logging into samba.

Also, when accessing the shares from Windows, if you left the default security options you can use the account ‘guest’ with no password to access the shares. Otherwise, you can play with the settings to force a local linux account to be used in order to access the shares.

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