Kodi – PVR IPTV Simple with programme icon in channels list

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Kodi by default dont give the icon from programme in channels list. So, it’s not perfect but a simple workaround do the ugly job. This example use a 600×372 image.

First of all, install Skin Helper Service from kodi repository.
Then set two triggers on epg file Kodi\userdata\Database\Epg11.db:

With this, the sIconPath field will be copy to sPlotOutline field. This field isn’t used in IPTV Simple Addon but Kodi sends the var to skin in channels list.

Now we need to show the image in kodi skin. In this example we will use the defaut skin from Kodi 17 – Estuary.
Add the control image before the plot with the PlotOutline field:

Change the plot position to bottom of image:

Now the result:



SVN Ignore multiple files and folders and Add full depth

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Checkout for the current folder

Ignore multiple files/dirs.
If you want to ignore tmp,obj,bin dirs and all files with *.o*.lib,*.la extension. Save this file

and name it svnignore.txt, the following command will do the job !

If one of your directories is already under version control, remove it first with:

…then ignore:

Add files to commit in full depth



Flush and Reset MySQL Binary Logs

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Clean log files like mysqld-bin.000001:



PHP sort array by two field values

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Find and replace text – command line

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How to connect connet/mount with SFTP and private key

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That command should read


To use sshfs you need to install the package, the command to install it is


then to mount a remote host as the directory /mnt (your mount point) (you can use any directory you like even ones with stuff in – it will not write over the top of them the contents will just be invisible until you umount). Note the -o ssh_command… option should not be necessary if you have loaded your key using ssh-add /path/to/your/privatekey .


to unmount where /mnt is your mount point:


I prefer to use a mount point in my home directory. e.g. /home/username/mnt/ and use that as my mountpoint instead

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Connect SSH through a proxy in linux terminal

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With tunneling:


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Mass change file permissions

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You can change the permissions of all 777 folders to 755 using find as below.

The above command will change all the directories inside /var/www to have the permission set as 755. To verify it, you can use the below command.

To change the permissions of all php files, you can use the below command.

Again, you can use the stat command to verify if the permissions had changed. Or you can even use,

Both stat and ls -ld will display the octal permissions of the file.


Adobe Content Server 4 (ACS4) Setup Guide

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Source of this great guide: The Web Development Logs – http://webdevlogs.blogspot.pt/

This setup guide is written for a single server installation, using Apache, MySQL and PHP to keep things simple.

I make no excuses that i borrowed a lot of content from the original Adobe Content Server 4 Technical Reference Manuals and other Documentation while adding in my personal notes, screen shots, and potential pitfalls to look out for.

Read through everything you can before beginning the setup process, understanding the concept of Adobe Content Server as a whole is as important as getting everything running smoothly.

Please refer to, study, and read the original ACS4 installation and quick start documentation here.

The ACS4 installation can be split into steps:

  • Installing the basic requirements
  • Setting up the Admin console
  • Setting up the Fulfillment service
  • Setting up the Packaging service
  • Generating the Certificate files
  • Completing Config Files
  • Content Server Status Checks
  • Book Packaging and Distribution
  • Serving the Sample Store

You may wish to have the packaging service and media storage on seperate machines to distribute workloads.

Basic requirements to run Adobe Content Server:

  • The Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
  • Apache Tomcat version 6 or higher
  • MySQL version 5 or higher.

In addition, to run an online store, you will also need:

  • Apache HTTP Server
  • PHP 5 or above.

Ler mais…

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SVN adding multiple files

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Multiple ways to add multiple files to svn repository: